Posted on Tuesday, 9 July


Lucca’s Theme

now seriously. what else. do you need. to call this an AWESOME DAY.

Posted on Tuesday, 9 July


Pie chart of on-screen coffee sips for each Twin Peaks character, to go with our supercut of all the pie and coffee in Twin Peaks.

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yet another Sunday morning in the black city

Posted on Sunday, 7 July

It is a remarkably fine morning in Edinburgh and Mr Paz is in full Nineties-throwback mode: watch out folks, the ARK are up next.

Posted on Friday, 28 June


Portrait Commission

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Posted on Monday, 13 May


After Dark #2

Next I am doing an illustration for A Wild Sheep Chase by Haruki Murakami, an excellent story.

Okay, well I don’t know how much time I have left, so, like, I have to start living, you know? I did something kind of crazy. I made an internet dating profile. Okay, I know it sounds kind of nuts, but my nutrition teacher, who’s, like, SO cool, met her boyfriend on who’s like super-cute, and totally perf, and they’re like the most happy together, and I joined, because it’s the most expensive subscription and ugly people do Match, and I got this message from this, like, kind of great-sounding guy. His name is Bryce, which, like— um, hello: good name. He works in product development, which is, like, PERFECT for me because I LOVE products, and, he’s Jewish. So, he likes movies, and food, so we’re going on a walk this afternoon to a couple of galleries, and we’re starting in a public place, ‘cause, like, I know you’re supposed to do that in case they try and rape you, so I’m meeting him at the cafe at the Old Navy flagship store. I’m going on a day date.

Posted on Thursday, 9 May

Shoshanna GIRLS (via likewater4chocolate)

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Posted on Wednesday, 8 May


After Dark #1

Posted on Monday, 6 May



Hello beautiful people. I am now accepting comissions for portraits. Get a portrait of yourself or of a loved (or even liked) one.

£25 per full colour portrait. (Paypal only)

If you send me a selection of reasonable/good quality pictures I will endeavour to email you your full colour digital portrait within the month.

reblogs of this would be appreciated, spread the word :)


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Posted on Saturday, 4 May


Kafka on the Shore #2 Johnnie Walker and Nakata

Next I wil try to make an image for Murakami’s After Dark, a more tricky prospect I would say.